Being rated as one of the most fantastic wargames throughout the last 10 years, Civilization VI is really a hot bargain for gamers community. 

Just as the information being leaked previously, just after giving away free GTA, Epic Games Store continued its campaign with another blockbuster named Civilization VI

Being rated as the top-ranked tactical wargame as well as the best one throughout the last 10 years, Civilization VI is really a big bargain for gaming community.

Being the big fan of the fantastic type of game – tactical wargames, it is obvious that you can not miss out the Civilization game serie of Firaxis Games. With big-sized super large map, this game allows users to stick to their residence since the very first stage of the game until it develops and modernizes to the universe level.

Inherited and made use of many good marks of previous games, Civilization VI successfully finished its mission to be the top game. With the average mark being rated on Metacritic is 88/100, Civilization VI can be considered to be one of the most must-try tactical wargame throughout the last decade. 

Commenting about Civilization VI, the copywriter of PC Gamer confided: “Many factors such as visualizing, audition and a combination of remarkably good features have turned Civilization VI into the most vivid, addictive, most useful, and most challenging at the some time of all time to me.” 

In comparison to the “predecessor” Civilization V, the IV version has changed some features in the gameplay, for example, the city is separated into different areas for breeding, gardening, studying new tech or developing army… The multiplayer option of game was also added some rules to shorten the competing time of one battle, which used to take users around 1 week to finish.”

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Let’s point out some of the most fantastic games succeeding in satisfying gamers’ visuality.

Throughout this new decade, we have had the chance to witness the unstoppable development of digital designed games, and it seems like everything has already reached its grisly climax. This means that gaming producers all over the world are trying to utilize the capacity of PS4 and Xbox One. Games run on console had never been so eye-catching like that, and the dusk of 2019 has witnessed the release of many gaming blockbusters being greatly designed. Below is the list of these games which you should give them a try at least once


Being produced and developed by Avalanche Studios and being upgraded by Apex Engine, RAGE 2 features all the greatest features of a shooting game, RAGE 2 is such a funny and interesting game that is suitable for most of people. This is also visually satisfying. Making users proud of this delicacy and variety in formats in comparing to its predecessor, RAGE 2 is an ambitious version which show off a lot of creativity of gaming producers as creates lots of interesting gaming experiences.


RE Engine made it first debut with Resident Evil 7 in January, 2017. To Resident Evil 2, Capcom has brought such an impressive display in terms of visual, format, design and configuration. It is appraised to successfully make a lot of improvements in comparison to the previous version. Taking these little details into account to the most unique, monstrous features, Resident Evil 2 is now on top of the greatest-designed gaming list. Many gamers are trying to spend more time on Resident Evil 2 to master this tough but entertaining and eye-satisfying game.



There are a lot of CS:GO shooting skins which every CS:GO player is thrilling for their appearance and want to utilize these as soon as possible. However, with modern appearance and great features, these might cause gamers a leg and an arm to buy.

To CS:GO gamers, skin weapons are one of the endless passions which every player crave for and want to experience. Not only with the viewing to transforming and upgrading boring default shotguns, collecting skin in CS:GO also help players to show off their passions and characters. Grabbing this kind of mentality, skin weapons in CS:GO are often made in form of collection, which features different, unique shapes and a lot of meanings behind these designs. 

P90 The Fool

In Tarot, The Fool card represents a half wit, optimistic joker, who does not spend fear on new upcoming adventures. This may be also the reason for CS:GO’s producers to come up with this new concept “The Fool” of the new skin weapon. P90 gun is considered to only be suitable for “noob” in CS:GO with abundant ammos, easy-to-use features.

Apart from some previous superb products being released such as M4A4 The Emperor, AK-47 Empress… P90 The Fool is the most valuable and high-rated among Tarot collection.

AK-47 Ares

The theme of Greek mythology has been applied in skin collection of CS:GO for so long. There are some representative weapons such as M4A4 Poseidon or AWP Medusa. Recently, skin AK-47 Ares on workshop, belonging to the Pantheon collection has been revealed. Apart from AK-47 Ares, Pantheon collection also includes skin AWP Zeus. CS:GO players made soon predictions that this new skin collection of CS:GO will be expensive. 



It comes as surprise to many people when the game which is on top of many mobile game ranking list is such a “weird” product like this. Recently, WHO has made an announcement about games’ benefits in protecting human health during the hard time of Covid-19. There have been many game producing companies which decide to take part in different campaign with the viewing to upgrading people’s awareness being held by WHO with hashtag #PlayApartTether. Moreover, these campaigns have successfully attracted more than 4,7 billion reacts on worldwide social media. 

Slap Kings, which is a product of Lion Studio, has owned more than 35,6 million downloads, counted until March this year, 2020. Among these 35,6 million downloads, 13,6% downloads came from Ameria and 9,4% was from India. Draw Climber of Voodoo Games was ranked 2nd on the list, followed by PUBG Mobile of Tencent.

Slap Kings allows you to score by slapping on the rival without mercy until he/she is totally knocked down. This game mobile took spirit from renowned real life slapping battles in Russia, in which the only goal of players are to knockdown the opponents by just… slapping. Each player will have 3 chances, and obviously, gamers can only satisfy their outrage through the PC or telephone’s screen as it is not an online game. 

Slap Kings players need to move their fingers to adjust the strength of slap to the utmost level. The secret to win this game is to slap as hard as you can and take advantage of every chances you have. Other extra features such as Power Boosts or Defense Helmets can help you become the winner of Slap Kings quicker.



Below are top games which require gamers to have a great level of speed and impressively quick reactions.

Laser League

The game producer and developer team of Roll 7 proclaimed to experience a new online interesting game, namely Laser League. Taking part in the virtual life of the Laser League, gamers will almost end up dead just after a blink of an eye! This game truly features a high speed of playing and is suitable for those who prefer high gaming rhythm. Apart from speed, gamers need to finger out different factors of strategy as well as enemies’ speed. Gamers will be put into different 4-4 battlefields in Laser League and their mission is to kill all the enemies quickly under the threat of numerous lasers. 

Gamers need to be quick in the intake to lure enemies into a difficult situation to earn the final title.

Moreover, as a roleplaying game, Laser League’s gamers have the chance to unlock up to 250 different characters and create their own playing style. At the first stage, there are only 6 classes which are SMASH, THIEF, GHOST, SHOCK, SNIPE and BLADE, gamers have to collapse with their teammates to create the most satisfying effects during the play.

Need for Speed Online

Afterlong periods of being put on trials and experiences, the racing online game created by EA (but being produced by Tencent, China) has been on public, namely Need for Speed Online.

Through experiencing, gamers can still feel some remarkable features of traditional racing games being kept on Need for Speed Online. The game is highly appraised for having impressive design and smooth playing experience. Need for Speed Online also offers many racing options, allows gamers to enjoy the most interesting moments on the virtual race.



GTA ’s fans will have to wait at least from 2 to 3 years (or even more than that) for having the chance of experiencing GTA 6.

Today, a news about GTA 6 has been released and spreading appeared on various prestigious reliable newspaper. Even though Rockstar Games has yet confirmed this news, the odds can be 99% that this is a real one. The plan for setting up GTA 6 has just been developed. Therefore, GTA fans need to wait at least from 2 to 3 years (or even longer than that) to experience this new version.

On different social media forums, groups and especially on Twitter, the key word “GTA 6” has become one of the hottest debated topic throughout the previous 24 hours. Most fans showed their deep disappointed in regarding of this Rockstar Games delay. Turn back to the past of this GTA gameplay, fans can witness that the age of 1 version often lasted from 3 to 5 years. However, since the time when GTA V was released until now, fans have had to wait until 7 years without being unveiled about any feature or detail of GTA 6. This is the main reason why most of gamers and fans have lost their faith on RockStar. 

According to many comments and assessments, a reason for the delay in developing GTA 6 is the realease of Red Dead Redemption 2. This game has made many gaming producers of GTA snowed under with work during the period of 2 years from 2018 to 2019. Moreover, running on GTA Online is not also an easy task. In other words, there seems to have been very little motivation for  Rockstar to promote the project of GTA 6.

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is considered to be under repairment and on its way of applying different changes in the context of the whole series. 

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The pandemic Covid19 has been causing a crisis to the whole community health all across the world, however, we can totally make contribution to prevent Covid-19 by restricting hanging out and stricting to social distancing measurements. This seems to not be a hard deal for game addicts as only one fantastic gameplay, some snacks, some drinks are needed for a perfect “home vacation”. Below are top games which can help you to let your hair down all day long.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The roleplaying game of Bethesda is such a great choice for this list, as it is available on every common platforms that we are utilizing. Playing roles on Dragonoborn, a soldier endowed with extraordinary talents to fight over evil domination with the viewing to saving the world. 

Even though Skyrim has not been published for such a long time. However, if you have never experienced any game like that, or used to play role playing game and are feeling nostalgic, then 100 hours of playing Skyrim will be a silver bullet for you throughout this period. At that moment, this game has been available on PC, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One or Switch .

Persona 5

The mysterious Japan roleplaying game serie which features epic pot is another great choice for social distancing period. The first version of Persona 5 requires gamers hundreds of hours to make it come to a halt. However, the upgraded version of Persona 5, which is Persona 5 Royal, being published on the 3th of March on Playstation 4 will also be another fantastic choice with many new features and options being offered.

The game is famous for successfully creating a complicated community and intensive battles and fights for gamers.



Worldwide CS:G0 worldwide is quite frustrated about the details a new skin weapon of PUBG as they are supposed that, this renowned battlefield game has imitated some design ideas for the new weapon from CS:GO

Recently, Tencent has added PUBG Mobile a new skin for M16A4 which name is Psycho Savage. It would not be a big deal if Psycho Savage did not look like a copy of Neon Revolution, skin AK47 in CS:GO. There is just a small difference in PUBG Mobile’s version, which is the white line appeared on the top of the gun.

This feature has arisen a frustration among the CS:GO community. Many people gave clear evidences that it has not been the first time PUBG Mobile bore a striking resemblance with CS:GO when it released new skins. For example, Field Commander AWM of PUBG Mobile is just like an imitation of AWP Phobos in CS:GO or GBZ96 Phantom of PUBG looks 80% like Neo-Noir skins in CS:GO.

Does PUBG Mobile actually fake the idea of CS:GO?

Even though there are a lot of resemblance in weapons designs, these imitation may not be not on purpose. However, CS:GO gamers community do not indicate any approval – as according to them, using other gameplay ideas and “upgrading” them a little bit is totally illegal.

Overall, this issue belongs to Intellectual Property field, as recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of mobile games. Not only the latest Psycho Savage but also other skins of PUBG are accused of stealing the idea of Rules of Survival, which is another battlefield gameplay. Skin Ashes of AKM has also been rumored to be an imitation of another GTA mod.

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COVID-19: F1 Racers Switch to Racing On Games Because The Tournament Is Postponed

The online racing tournament will be organized by the organizers of the world’s first Formula 1 racing tournament, bringing together a lot of famous riders competing on the basis of the F1 PC game.

Because of of COVID-19 outbreak around the world, a lot of sports tournaments such as the Premier League, La Liga, or the world’s first Formula 1 race have been canceled or postponed until the situation is under control. Even the Euro 2020 football tournament has had to delay its organization to 2021.

Professional F1 racers will also be able to join the race at an online racing event organized by the F1 racing organizers. 1 world stands out. Specifically, the organizers have announced on their official website of a tournament called “F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix” to fill the void left by delayed races.

All racers joining in F1 racing 2020 will take part in in this online race, along with a number of other guest riders. The game used to compete is the PC version of F1 game 2019 by Codemasters. It is expected that this online racing tournament will last until the end of May, with the matches being streamed live on Youtube, Twitch and official Facebook of the organizers.

Not only that, the organizers also emphasized that this tournament is completely for fun, helping the riders, as well as fans of F1 racing, can entertain during the epidemic, and the results of this race will not affect the actual ranking of Formula 1 professionals.

The races will be held to coincide with the actual time of races postponed in real life, and by the time this article is done, the first online race in Bahrain has ended.

In another development, the Spanish football tournament took place on the FIFA Fifa 2020 platform, with the final between two teams Real Madrid and Leganés. As a result, Real Madrid midfielder Marco Asensio shone brilliantly and won 4-2, thereby helping Real Madrid crowned the champion of this online tournament. All proceeds from the tournament through the donation channels will be used to support the prevention and response to the COVID-19 epidemic.


Face Fighter: Legendary Game of 9x Generations

This is the game that many gamers of the 10x generation later do not know, but extremely popular with the 9x players.

The 9x generation has many advantages in gaining access to new technology. The booming smartphone market is also the period when this gamer is in the golden age. Certainly in the memories of gamers that day there are still names like Tap Tap Revenge, Fruit Ninja, etc. It is a game associated with an exciting and memorable high school.

Those are also the names that the current age of players still know. However, there is a name that many gamers now do not know, even many players that day also forgot the name. But when looking back at the image below, the memories of an intense past will surely come back.

If you’ve ever tried to touch once on this game, gamers must remember there are times sneakily taking photos of your friend and then face transplantation into the characters in the game. After that, it’s okay to kick and hate. This was a product that made a difference in the early stages of smartphones when applying new technologies and an interesting entertainment game. It’s simple, just choose the desired weapon and then freely discharge into the screen until the character collapses. It sounds simple but extremely entertaining and fun.

Yes, the name the article is referring to is Face Fighter, a game that has no plot, nor any deep gameplay. Simply let players release stress after stressful studying and working hours. Especially interesting to be able to face the person that he hates and fight.

Nowadays, Face Fighter no longer appears on the App Store download, later versions trying to learn from what Face Fighter did but could never bring about interesting and attractive. like the old days. The past, memories are something that time has brought away, can never come back, Face Fighter and hours of laughter with your friends in class will never return again.