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The pandemic Covid19 has been causing a crisis to the whole community health all across the world, however, we can totally make contribution to prevent Covid-19 by restricting hanging out and stricting to social distancing measurements. This seems to not be a hard deal for game addicts as only one fantastic gameplay, some snacks, some drinks are needed for a perfect “home vacation”. Below are top games which can help you to let your hair down all day long.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The roleplaying game of Bethesda is such a great choice for this list, as it is available on every common platforms that we are utilizing. Playing roles on Dragonoborn, a soldier endowed with extraordinary talents to fight over evil domination with the viewing to saving the world. 

Even though Skyrim has not been published for such a long time. However, if you have never experienced any game like that, or used to play role playing game and are feeling nostalgic, then 100 hours of playing Skyrim will be a silver bullet for you throughout this period. At that moment, this game has been available on PC, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One or Switch .

Persona 5

The mysterious Japan roleplaying game serie which features epic pot is another great choice for social distancing period. The first version of Persona 5 requires gamers hundreds of hours to make it come to a halt. However, the upgraded version of Persona 5, which is Persona 5 Royal, being published on the 3th of March on Playstation 4 will also be another fantastic choice with many new features and options being offered.

The game is famous for successfully creating a complicated community and intensive battles and fights for gamers.

Football game

7 Best Free Football Games for Android Users

Football is considered the King sport. And if you do not have time to play, you can download the football game below to experience. All are provided free for Android devices.

Final kick 2018: Online football

Mainly in Final kick 2018, you just need to shoot out. The game offers many modes for players to choose from including winning the Cup with 20 different tournaments or challenging your friends through Multiplayer mode.

Head Soccer La Liga 2018

Defeat all opponents using special shocking kicks: Dragon Ball, Orange Machine, Falling Star and more! Each lighting effect and sound in the game are very vivid. Synchronize in-game progress with Google Play Games and Facebook, beat your friends and share achievements: How many goals can you score?

Dream League Soccer 2018

In Dream League Soccer 2018, recruit real FIFPro super-level players, build your own stadium and participate in online tournaments to win world glory on your way to Soccer Stardom!

FIFA Football

In addition to team management tasks, performing attractive campaigns, with 30 leagues, 650 teams and a total of 17,000 players to choose from, EA’s FIFA Football also brings many new features.


PES 2018 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is a famous soccer game from Konami. The company said that the game has been optimized for mobile platforms with light capacity and possesses many attractive game modes.

Score! hero

In Score! Hero, players will not participate in all 90 minutes like in the FIFA game but only participate in decisive situations that can change the outcome of the match. You will take turns playing all the players on the field, including the goalkeeper because football is a sport of team spirit.

Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues

Start your football career in a small club and grow every day to the world’s most famous. Team up wisely before every game and compete with your rivals to win glory in the seasons: UEFA League, Cup, League, Champions League, etc.