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Apple and Google all removed Fortnite from their app store

This movement came not long after Epic Games’s launching its own payment system in the Fortnite game.
Epic Games, the father of the popular game Fortnite, has just introduced a new payment mechanism through the company’s server, allowing gamers to buy directly in Fortnite. This allows Fortnite to bypass both Apple and Google in-app purchase systems which would not have to pay a 30% commission. Not long after that, Apple bluntly removed this blockbuster game from the App Store.
Hours later, the company responded by saying it would sue Apple, accusing it of abusing a monopoly position in the market. Epic Games said, “Apple’s removal of Fortnite is another example of Apple using its enormous power to impose unreasonable restrictions which illegally maintain its 100% monopoly via iOS’s in-app payment processing system. “
A few minutes after announcing the lawsuit against Apple, Epic Games also played a short video in Fortnite Party Royale, a parody of the legendary Apple promotional clip in 1984 but with images of characters taken from Fortnite. At the end of the ad is the words “Epic Games challenges the App Store Monopoly. In retaliation, Apple has blocked Fortnite on billions of devices. Join the fight to prevent 2020 from becoming 1984. # Free Fortnite. “
Launching a legal battle against Apple with the antitrust battlefield would be a daunting challenge, even as regulators are keeping a close eye on Apple’s monopolistic practices.

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League of Legend: China canceled all sports events from now until the end of the year, Worlds 2020 tournament may be canceled

It is definitely not good news for League of Legends fans around the world to hear that the biggest tournament this year – Worlds 2020 is in danger of being canceled.
Recently, the General Administration of Sports of China has issued a decree to cancel all sports events in this country from now until the end of 2020, due to the complicated situation of disease, natural disasters as well as onions in China.

The announcement almost means that the 2020 League of Legends World Championship – the Esports tournament, held in Shanghai later this year, is also at risk of being canceled. In addition, ESPN has confirmed that China will still be the only country to host the World Championship 2021, while the right to host this tournament of North America and South Korea will also be delayed this year.
This has raised concerns about the fact that the 2020 Worlds Championship will be postponed, or worse, maybe canceled, because China continues to be the host of Worlds 2021. Many people think that this implies that this nation will miss out on this year’s tournament.

However, it still remains uncertain to confirm whether the Worlds 2020 champion will be canceled or not. Experts said they are still on their way of doing more researches. They need to make sure whether League of Legends belongs to the “Sports activities are required to stop organizing” group of the Chinese General Administration of Sports or not.
If it does not belong to this group, the World Championship 2020 still has the opportunity to take place but will have to change its format from offline events to online competitions, similarly to some friendly tournaments like Mid-Season Cup in the middle season.

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Let’s point out some of the most fantastic games succeeding in satisfying gamers’ visuality.

Throughout this new decade, we have had the chance to witness the unstoppable development of digital designed games, and it seems like everything has already reached its grisly climax. This means that gaming producers all over the world are trying to utilize the capacity of PS4 and Xbox One. Games run on console had never been so eye-catching like that, and the dusk of 2019 has witnessed the release of many gaming blockbusters being greatly designed. Below is the list of these games which you should give them a try at least once


Being produced and developed by Avalanche Studios and being upgraded by Apex Engine, RAGE 2 features all the greatest features of a shooting game, RAGE 2 is such a funny and interesting game that is suitable for most of people. This is also visually satisfying. Making users proud of this delicacy and variety in formats in comparing to its predecessor, RAGE 2 is an ambitious version which show off a lot of creativity of gaming producers as creates lots of interesting gaming experiences.


RE Engine made it first debut with Resident Evil 7 in January, 2017. To Resident Evil 2, Capcom has brought such an impressive display in terms of visual, format, design and configuration. It is appraised to successfully make a lot of improvements in comparison to the previous version. Taking these little details into account to the most unique, monstrous features, Resident Evil 2 is now on top of the greatest-designed gaming list. Many gamers are trying to spend more time on Resident Evil 2 to master this tough but entertaining and eye-satisfying game.

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COVID-19: F1 Racers Switch to Racing On Games Because The Tournament Is Postponed

The online racing tournament will be organized by the organizers of the world’s first Formula 1 racing tournament, bringing together a lot of famous riders competing on the basis of the F1 PC game.

Because of of COVID-19 outbreak around the world, a lot of sports tournaments such as the Premier League, La Liga, or the world’s first Formula 1 race have been canceled or postponed until the situation is under control. Even the Euro 2020 football tournament has had to delay its organization to 2021.

Professional F1 racers will also be able to join the race at an online racing event organized by the F1 racing organizers. 1 world stands out. Specifically, the organizers have announced on their official website of a tournament called “F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix” to fill the void left by delayed races.

All racers joining in F1 racing 2020 will take part in in this online race, along with a number of other guest riders. The game used to compete is the PC version of F1 game 2019 by Codemasters. It is expected that this online racing tournament will last until the end of May, with the matches being streamed live on Youtube, Twitch and official Facebook of the organizers.

Not only that, the organizers also emphasized that this tournament is completely for fun, helping the riders, as well as fans of F1 racing, can entertain during the epidemic, and the results of this race will not affect the actual ranking of Formula 1 professionals.

The races will be held to coincide with the actual time of races postponed in real life, and by the time this article is done, the first online race in Bahrain has ended.

In another development, the Spanish football tournament took place on the FIFA Fifa 2020 platform, with the final between two teams Real Madrid and Leganés. As a result, Real Madrid midfielder Marco Asensio shone brilliantly and won 4-2, thereby helping Real Madrid crowned the champion of this online tournament. All proceeds from the tournament through the donation channels will be used to support the prevention and response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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5 Facts That You May Not Know About Sports Games (part 2)

NCAA football 04 was censored because of a riot scene on the pitch

While the NFL can do nothing about Miday being spoiled with Blitz in retaliation for an exclusive deal, the National Collegiate Athletic Association had total control of EA Sports in 2003 and 2004.

The most difficult thing about offering a new version of a sports game every year is that it’s easy to get stuck with the idea to develop the original platform. And this forced EA Sports to focus on building the atmosphere in the game to be as realistic as possible.

In 2003, the designers came up with the idea to bring the fans to the turf and knock down the goal after big wins. The development team liked the idea so much that they invested a lot in it. And this is their fatal mistake.

Ben Haumiller, NCAA’s supervisor, shared that it took them all year to complete the spectacular celebrations. However, they have not consulted with the censorship committee before, and as a result, they are forced to remove these scenes or the game will be banned from release.

The golf course in Wii sports golf was remade from a NES game 20 years ago

Nintendo is known as a master of game design and development. But the company is also always looking for ways to save money as much as possible.

When Nintendo launched the Wii sports game in 2006, it looked back on its gaming history for ideas and also to save money. In fact, the company has looked back more than 20 years when using a game called Golf on the NES system and used the entire 18-hole ball line in this game to reuse it in Wii sports golf.

NBA Jam used to be misled by the design staff to bring down teams he hated

Turmell is the lead designer of the NBA Jam, Acclaim’s famous 1993 basketball game. And he used his authority to drown the Chicago Bulls in the game in retaliation for his favorite team, the Detroit Pistons.

In the 90s, two teams of Pistons and Bulls were rivals. As a fan of the Pistons team, Turmell especially hated the Bulls, so he programmed NBA Jam to always give the Detroit Pistons an edge in every aspect of the Chicago Bulls.

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5 Facts That You May Not Know About Sports Games (part 1)

Even in real life, the nature of sports is inherently universal. And as an unwritten rule, when gaming things from reality, whether you want it or not will have certain negative sides involved.

Not licensed by NFL, Midway Firm made mockery games for players

(FL has very strict working rules. This is inherently contradictory to the violence on the pitch and the bad behaviors of the players leaving the field. The NFL never allowed a partner company to make a NFL-licensed game, but mentioned that the well-known players actually committed illegal acts.

In 2004, the NFL signed a contract allowing EA Sports to exclusively exploit the federation’s teams and players. This puts EA’s competitors in a difficult situation because fans of this series will not want to buy a game without their favorite players in it.

In order to compete, Midway game company chose a rather negative direction: referring to topics such as sex, cheating, and substance use. Blitz: The league II was made that way in 2008. There are no real players or teams in this game. Instead, The league II dives deep into dramatic stories about scandal in sports world.

For example, in the game there is a character named Mike Mexico, a Washington Redhawks midfielder who is serving a prison term. This is a picture of mocking a player named Michael Vick who got involved in a big scandal in 2005 when using fake profile named Ron Mexico to go to treat gonorrhea. He also had to go to court in 2007 and was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of mistreating animals for organizing a dog fighting game.

In addition to targeting Vick, The league II also mentioned the fraud of New England Patriots Spygate and the Minnesota Vikings scandal involving Lake Minnetonka.

How does EA respond to the A.I system being too ignorant in Madden?

A.I is always a problem for game developers when they want it to be able to respond to the countless situations the player creates while still being logical and logical. This brain is clearly more complex than a PlayStation 2, and it’s really hard to get the console characters to behave more like real things.

Fans of the Madden series should be no strangers to the bad A.I system of this game. The most common story is that a whole line of defense can support the ball or run around because they do not understand what the opponent’s attack is doing.

Although the Madden designers have tried their best, they still can not make the defense respond in time if the player uses tactics for the midfielder to run along the border.

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NBA 2K20 basketball game was boycotted by gamers

NBA 2K20 game has just been told because Microtransaction has brought in many gamers expressed their indignation that it is no longer their favorite basketball game.

The transformation of NBA 2K20 series may not be a strange problem for gamers in recent years. The fact that this series focused on their direction to the advertising contract and the withdrawal from the player via the microtransaction system to make the gaming experience is no different from being indebted, not playing football basket again.

These are also the words of confession of the current and former fans of this series. However, it would be naive to think that most game fanbase think so. In fact, they do not care about this problem, willing to accept to endure all as long as they will be sorry to play the basketball game, if not the sports game, the best on the planet.

But as humans, everyone has their limits. If someone is always comfortable with what 2K is doing (and will continue to invade), at some point in the future, they will have to take a step back.

Maybe that time will come when you will be forced to pay $ 5 to terminate the contract early, or will be forced to watch a 90-second commercial that can not be rewinding of Tissot every half-time break . Maybe that’s when you can only change your player’s outfit through an app on your phone that will cost you $ 1.99 each login, or the only name available in the mode. MyCareer is “Zip Recruiter”.

Up to now, the latest step of 2K on this road is a cooperation agreement between Nike and Nike to create a series of real-life sports shoes that you can only own through NBA 2K20 game. Paul George’s latest shoe, the PG4, has an official version associated with Gatorade, which also has a rarer color version exclusive to those who own the game. And players will have to complete a series of the following to unlock opportunities for them to buy them:

Gamers will need to find one of the four PG 4 x Gatorade GE billboards hidden inside the NBA 2K20 Neighborhood and scan them with the Nike SNKRS Mobile camera app to unlock purchase access.