After Steam or Epic Games Store, now, it is time for Uplay to give away “special gifts” for its fans. This time’s chosen name is Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 was decided to be free to all gamers.

For the gamers community, summer of this year is such a golden period with the appearances of a lot of blockbuster games. After Steam or Epic Game Store, now, it is time for Uplay to give away “summer gifts” for gamers. At this time, Far Cry 5 is totally free to every gamer. 

According to the lastest news, during the period from the 29th, May to the 1st, June, gamers can get access to Uplay to download Far Cry 5 and experience this blockbuster without paying any fees. Gamers need to pay attention that this giveaway period is limited which will only take place in 2 days. After the 1st of June, Far Cry 5 will be closed and require paying fees for gamers who want to get access.

It is known that Far Cry 5 is spirited by the context of modern city in Montana, America, where the main character will have to fight against a bunch of fanatic weirdos. This format might remind gamers of Outlast II, an horror gameplay which made its debut at the beginning of this year. However, instead of running away like in Outlast, FarCry 5 definitely puts highlight on the action factors, shooting (an unmissable feature of this gameplay).

Players will see themselves appear at the right period in which a a silent coup lasted a year by a fanatical apocalyptic sect with the viewing to taking control over Hope County with violence. Under the siege of the rest of the world, players will have to take part in as the role to support residents of Hope to execute counterattacks.To download Far Cry 5 free this week, click in here