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League of Legend: China canceled all sports events from now until the end of the year, Worlds 2020 tournament may be canceled

It is definitely not good news for League of Legends fans around the world to hear that the biggest tournament this year – Worlds 2020 is in danger of being canceled.
Recently, the General Administration of Sports of China has issued a decree to cancel all sports events in this country from now until the end of 2020, due to the complicated situation of disease, natural disasters as well as onions in China.

The announcement almost means that the 2020 League of Legends World Championship – the Esports tournament, held in Shanghai later this year, is also at risk of being canceled. In addition, ESPN has confirmed that China will still be the only country to host the World Championship 2021, while the right to host this tournament of North America and South Korea will also be delayed this year.
This has raised concerns about the fact that the 2020 Worlds Championship will be postponed, or worse, maybe canceled, because China continues to be the host of Worlds 2021. Many people think that this implies that this nation will miss out on this year’s tournament.

However, it still remains uncertain to confirm whether the Worlds 2020 champion will be canceled or not. Experts said they are still on their way of doing more researches. They need to make sure whether League of Legends belongs to the “Sports activities are required to stop organizing” group of the Chinese General Administration of Sports or not.
If it does not belong to this group, the World Championship 2020 still has the opportunity to take place but will have to change its format from offline events to online competitions, similarly to some friendly tournaments like Mid-Season Cup in the middle season.


Revealing the impressively high salary of the LCK superstar: 1,25 million USD for 3 years of competition

Although not being too outstanding with titles as well as achievements gained, Afreeca Freecs is the team which owns the highest-paid players within the LCK currently.

Detailed information about the value of contracts as well as salaries of League of Legends players is something which really few organizations want to reveal. Apart from some contract paper and legal regulations, keeping the salary secret is also a way for esports teams to prevent other competitors from taking over their players.

However, recently, Seo Su-Kil, CEO of Afreeca – The manager of the League of Legends team Afreeca Freecs, suddenly shared the detailed information about the salary of player Kim “Kiin” Gi-in – AF’s top star.

To be specific, Mr. Seo revealed during an interview with the media that the salary Kiin received was “5 times more than my CEO salary”, with a value of up to 4.5 billion won for the period of 3 years in contract.

Therefore, it is calculated that every year, Kiin receives up to 1,25 million USD from Afreeca. As the current No. 1 Afreeca Freecs star, Kiin is undoubtedly the highest-paid player in this team.

There is an interesting fact that two years ago, Korean media also shared a lot of information about Faker’s salary – the player who was considered to be the highest earner of League of Legends in the world. Naver and several other newspapers all confirmed that Faker’s salary at T1 (in 2018) was 3 billion won/year, doubling the current Kiin’s salary.



Remember, try to restrict playing these games alone by night!

Honor Game for a long time has become one of the best-seller games which are aimed and developed by a lot of game producers. Jumpscare, chasing or bloody sight are unreplaceable factors for these honor games as these really turn their fans on. If you are a fan of this type of game, then you should not miss out on some of the best honor ones below throughout history.

1.Sillent Hill (1999)

Silent Hill is a legend honor series that took part in a ghost town in America, where there are a lot of gamers who had to struggle with a lot of fears. At the very first stage of releasing this game, the game has already been given “the best honor film of all time” title. Jumpscare appeared to be so rushed that players mostly can not stay unemotional but had to take caution of any dangers happening during the game.

2. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly (2003)

This game describes the journey of the twin Mio and Mayu Amakura – both of them get lost in an abandoned village which features a high level of mystery. In here, their lives are threatened by the souls of the villagers who crave them for sacrifices, serving an ancient ritual. The twins must find their way to survive by fighting against the souls with an Obscura exorcism camera.



If one day you wake up and realize that the world is coming to an end as being invaded by the zombie hordes. You will not know how to survive from them, won’t you? Let’ give this article a try and you might know how to deal with them?

Stay right beside each other

The particular example: Left 4 Dead

When you are forced into the end of the tunnel and the death mostly arrives, remember that it is only your teammates who can pull you out of that dilemma. The difference, enmity,… need to be left behind to spare space for the one and only mission: to be alive by any costs…

No one knows when an irritating zombie would come from the dark and take your life as quick as lightning. Therefore, finding yourself some reliable teammates is not a bad idea.

Understanding this situation, Left 4 Dead really puts its highlight on the team spirit in the gameplay. For the hardest level, if gamers take part in the play without good teamwork skills, they will not make it until the 10th minute of the battle.

However, during that difficult situation when the number of zombies mostly overwhelms the number of people, there is still someone who wants to play the “superman” role and want to catch the spotlight by leaving all of his teammates behind. Through the gaming experiences, these guys like that can not make it successful and will have to pay the cost quicky with unbelivable deaths.

Let’s get rid of this “superman” nature and always follow your teammates, it is the first precious lesson which needs to be engraved inside your head.



Maybe you might think that Steam is a normal gameplay in comparison to other different gameplays, however, the appearance of it has become a revolution to the gaming industry.

Steam is an online gaming distribution platform, which manages digital copyright, game online and other communicating social media services, developed by Valve Corporation. This is a success as well as the pride of Valve. Thanks to the wise investment of them, they succeeded to bring Steam to become the best gaming distribution tool nowadays.

1. Steam as the pioneer for other gaming plays

Steam is the first as well as the pioneer as the tool which provides gaming distribution service on the world. This is also considered as an Amazone website on the world. This is a very important advantage, as the one which takes first step always feels less competitive and has better development opportinuties.

However, whatever it takes, beside from this above advantage, Valve also took the risk when the market of gaming distribution on the first stage was really poor. At this present, when someone mentioned Steam, everyone had to google it and did research. Standing with such a challenge like that, Valve not only did not scare of difficulties but also try to provoke the development of their newbie product.

2. From Half Life 2 to Portal, DOTA 2 and Counter Strike

While Steam is on its early phase, Valve decided to publish Half Life 2 as an impetus to draw the attention of Steam users. Everything just came up as the expectation, thanks to its popularity, Half Life 2 has brought back Steam a large number of users. This is also the foundation for Valve to think about whether to maintain and upgrade Steam or not.



There are not many series games which can achieve all the titles and things that GTA has gained for these recent years.

Since releasing the very first version until now, Grand Theft Auto has always stood on the top rank and remained this position for so long. It has caught the attention of many gamers all over the world and features the largest gaming community. Liberty City is thriving day by day as it’s upscaled and gained billion dollars in benefit. This franchised version has been through a long journey of developing and at this present, became top 1 on the list of published game versions in terms of benefit gained.

GTA: San Andreas: The best-seller PS2 game

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has become the most successful gameplay which is created on the PS2 basis so long on as it has sold 27,5 billion versions. Carl “CJ” Johnson is one of the most active characters of Rockstar with many special characters, which has become a great incentive to propel the success of GTA: San Andreas reaches all its goals as the first expectation.

GTA V: the desirabel revenue of up to 65 billion version being sold

Grand Theft Auto V has totally dominated the raking list of gaming revenue with more than 65 billion versions being sold worldwide. This achievement has brought along GTA V the 4th position on the list of the most impressive revenue-gained games throughout the history of Esports, only standing after Tetris, Minecraft, and Wii Sports. What is more impressive is that this game has gained revenue of up to1 billion USD just during such a short period of 72 hours after being released.



After Steam or Epic Games Store, now, it is time for Uplay to give away “special gifts” for its fans. This time’s chosen name is Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 was decided to be free to all gamers.

For the gamers community, summer of this year is such a golden period with the appearances of a lot of blockbuster games. After Steam or Epic Game Store, now, it is time for Uplay to give away “summer gifts” for gamers. At this time, Far Cry 5 is totally free to every gamer. 

According to the lastest news, during the period from the 29th, May to the 1st, June, gamers can get access to Uplay to download Far Cry 5 and experience this blockbuster without paying any fees. Gamers need to pay attention that this giveaway period is limited which will only take place in 2 days. After the 1st of June, Far Cry 5 will be closed and require paying fees for gamers who want to get access.

It is known that Far Cry 5 is spirited by the context of modern city in Montana, America, where the main character will have to fight against a bunch of fanatic weirdos. This format might remind gamers of Outlast II, an horror gameplay which made its debut at the beginning of this year. However, instead of running away like in Outlast, FarCry 5 definitely puts highlight on the action factors, shooting (an unmissable feature of this gameplay).

Players will see themselves appear at the right period in which a a silent coup lasted a year by a fanatical apocalyptic sect with the viewing to taking control over Hope County with violence. Under the siege of the rest of the world, players will have to take part in as the role to support residents of Hope to execute counterattacks.To download Far Cry 5 free this week, click in here



Being rated as one of the most fantastic wargames throughout the last 10 years, Civilization VI is really a hot bargain for gamers community. 

Just as the information being leaked previously, just after giving away free GTA, Epic Games Store continued its campaign with another blockbuster named Civilization VI

Being rated as the top-ranked tactical wargame as well as the best one throughout the last 10 years, Civilization VI is really a big bargain for gaming community.

Being the big fan of the fantastic type of game – tactical wargames, it is obvious that you can not miss out the Civilization game serie of Firaxis Games. With big-sized super large map, this game allows users to stick to their residence since the very first stage of the game until it develops and modernizes to the universe level.

Inherited and made use of many good marks of previous games, Civilization VI successfully finished its mission to be the top game. With the average mark being rated on Metacritic is 88/100, Civilization VI can be considered to be one of the most must-try tactical wargame throughout the last decade. 

Commenting about Civilization VI, the copywriter of PC Gamer confided: “Many factors such as visualizing, audition and a combination of remarkably good features have turned Civilization VI into the most vivid, addictive, most useful, and most challenging at the some time of all time to me.” 

In comparison to the “predecessor” Civilization V, the IV version has changed some features in the gameplay, for example, the city is separated into different areas for breeding, gardening, studying new tech or developing army… The multiplayer option of game was also added some rules to shorten the competing time of one battle, which used to take users around 1 week to finish.”

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Let’s point out some of the most fantastic games succeeding in satisfying gamers’ visuality.

Throughout this new decade, we have had the chance to witness the unstoppable development of digital designed games, and it seems like everything has already reached its grisly climax. This means that gaming producers all over the world are trying to utilize the capacity of PS4 and Xbox One. Games run on console had never been so eye-catching like that, and the dusk of 2019 has witnessed the release of many gaming blockbusters being greatly designed. Below is the list of these games which you should give them a try at least once


Being produced and developed by Avalanche Studios and being upgraded by Apex Engine, RAGE 2 features all the greatest features of a shooting game, RAGE 2 is such a funny and interesting game that is suitable for most of people. This is also visually satisfying. Making users proud of this delicacy and variety in formats in comparing to its predecessor, RAGE 2 is an ambitious version which show off a lot of creativity of gaming producers as creates lots of interesting gaming experiences.


RE Engine made it first debut with Resident Evil 7 in January, 2017. To Resident Evil 2, Capcom has brought such an impressive display in terms of visual, format, design and configuration. It is appraised to successfully make a lot of improvements in comparison to the previous version. Taking these little details into account to the most unique, monstrous features, Resident Evil 2 is now on top of the greatest-designed gaming list. Many gamers are trying to spend more time on Resident Evil 2 to master this tough but entertaining and eye-satisfying game.



There are a lot of CS:GO shooting skins which every CS:GO player is thrilling for their appearance and want to utilize these as soon as possible. However, with modern appearance and great features, these might cause gamers a leg and an arm to buy.

To CS:GO gamers, skin weapons are one of the endless passions which every player crave for and want to experience. Not only with the viewing to transforming and upgrading boring default shotguns, collecting skin in CS:GO also help players to show off their passions and characters. Grabbing this kind of mentality, skin weapons in CS:GO are often made in form of collection, which features different, unique shapes and a lot of meanings behind these designs. 

P90 The Fool

In Tarot, The Fool card represents a half wit, optimistic joker, who does not spend fear on new upcoming adventures. This may be also the reason for CS:GO’s producers to come up with this new concept “The Fool” of the new skin weapon. P90 gun is considered to only be suitable for “noob” in CS:GO with abundant ammos, easy-to-use features.

Apart from some previous superb products being released such as M4A4 The Emperor, AK-47 Empress… P90 The Fool is the most valuable and high-rated among Tarot collection.

AK-47 Ares

The theme of Greek mythology has been applied in skin collection of CS:GO for so long. There are some representative weapons such as M4A4 Poseidon or AWP Medusa. Recently, skin AK-47 Ares on workshop, belonging to the Pantheon collection has been revealed. Apart from AK-47 Ares, Pantheon collection also includes skin AWP Zeus. CS:GO players made soon predictions that this new skin collection of CS:GO will be expensive.