PS5 broke all game consoles records in the UK

Although Sony has not released the official number, many sources simultaneously confirmed that the PS5 has surpassed the record 250,000 units of PS4 (in the first 48 hours), thereby becoming the most successful console launch in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Owning a very bustling gaming community and “spending money”, UK (United Kingdom and Northern Ireland) is an important market for the global gaming industry. In the gaming console segment, PS4 (Sony) is the machine that holds the best business performance within the first 48 hours of launch. With the confirmed number of 250,000 units.
However, this record seems to have been toppled by the PS5 successor, despite the decline in purchasing power and not officially launching because of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no official confirmation from Sony, but many reputable sources have confirmed that the PS5 surpassed the PS4 record of 250,000, becoming the console with the most successful launch of all time in the UK market.
There are many “clues” to support this claim. Last week, it was reported that the PS5 was on its way to breaking all console release records. Sony representative Jim Ryan also said that PS5 was selling more than PS4 in the same time of its launch in 2013, and expected that the next generation gaming device will officially surpass the ones. number in the PS4 launch.