Revealing the impressively high salary of the LCK superstar: 1,25 million USD for 3 years of competition

Although not being too outstanding with titles as well as achievements gained, Afreeca Freecs is the team which owns the highest-paid players within the LCK currently.

Detailed information about the value of contracts as well as salaries of League of Legends players is something which really few organizations want to reveal. Apart from some contract paper and legal regulations, keeping the salary secret is also a way for esports teams to prevent other competitors from taking over their players.

However, recently, Seo Su-Kil, CEO of Afreeca – The manager of the League of Legends team Afreeca Freecs, suddenly shared the detailed information about the salary of player Kim “Kiin” Gi-in – AF’s top star.

To be specific, Mr. Seo revealed during an interview with the media that the salary Kiin received was “5 times more than my CEO salary”, with a value of up to 4.5 billion won for the period of 3 years in contract.

Therefore, it is calculated that every year, Kiin receives up to 1,25 million USD from Afreeca. As the current No. 1 Afreeca Freecs star, Kiin is undoubtedly the highest-paid player in this team.

There is an interesting fact that two years ago, Korean media also shared a lot of information about Faker’s salary – the player who was considered to be the highest earner of League of Legends in the world. Naver and several other newspapers all confirmed that Faker’s salary at T1 (in 2018) was 3 billion won/year, doubling the current Kiin’s salary.