GTA Online continues to have a big update

Although nearly 10 years old, Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) still maintains an impressive number of players.
If you have to make a descriptive list of the greatest online games of the 21st century, surely GTA Online will be one of the names that cannot be absent. Starting as a multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online was a resounding success and attracted a large community of gamers.

Up to the present time, GTA Online is still one of the most popular MMOs today, steadily “laying golden eggs” for Rockstar Games.
Also because of the long-term success and stable performance of GTA Online, up to the present time, Rockstar Games is still concentrating a large number of staff to develop content and expand features for GTA Online. This is also one of the reasons why GTA VI is still “unknown” until now.
To welcome GTA Online landing on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) platform, Rockstar Games recently announced that it will release a brand new update on December 15 – on all the systems that GTA Online currently exists. In particular, this update is considered by the Rockstar Games team to be “the biggest addition of terrain ever” to the world of GTA Online.
The version that Epic Games Store offers to players free of charge this time is the Premium Edition that includes the main game, GTA Online update and “Criminal Enterprises Starter Pack”. This is an extremely fine version, allowing gamers to fully experience both the offline and online parts of the game.