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League of Legend: China canceled all sports events from now until the end of the year, Worlds 2020 tournament may be canceled

It is definitely not good news for League of Legends fans around the world to hear that the biggest tournament this year – Worlds 2020 is in danger of being canceled.
Recently, the General Administration of Sports of China has issued a decree to cancel all sports events in this country from now until the end of 2020, due to the complicated situation of disease, natural disasters as well as onions in China.

The announcement almost means that the 2020 League of Legends World Championship – the Esports tournament, held in Shanghai later this year, is also at risk of being canceled. In addition, ESPN has confirmed that China will still be the only country to host the World Championship 2021, while the right to host this tournament of North America and South Korea will also be delayed this year.
This has raised concerns about the fact that the 2020 Worlds Championship will be postponed, or worse, maybe canceled, because China continues to be the host of Worlds 2021. Many people think that this implies that this nation will miss out on this year’s tournament.

However, it still remains uncertain to confirm whether the Worlds 2020 champion will be canceled or not. Experts said they are still on their way of doing more researches. They need to make sure whether League of Legends belongs to the “Sports activities are required to stop organizing” group of the Chinese General Administration of Sports or not.
If it does not belong to this group, the World Championship 2020 still has the opportunity to take place but will have to change its format from offline events to online competitions, similarly to some friendly tournaments like Mid-Season Cup in the middle season.