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4 blockbuster games on PC and Console will be released in August (to be continued)

July has gone, gamers will welcome August with a lot of new blockbusters.
Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) – August 7
After weeks of rumors, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition has finally appeared on Steam. Featuring a quite affordable price, only 15 USD, you can pre-order the product and download it on 7/8/2020.
It is known that Horizon Zero Dawn has been released in February 2017 on PlayStation 4 as the exclusive version. The game quickly drew the attention of many PS4 gamers as well as a lot of positive reviews from game news sites. Taking the concept of the post-apocalyptic world where tribes hunt for “mechanical” products in a world of greenery, and gamers will roleplay Aloy, a girl with the ability to use a sharp bow.
With an extremely beautiful and spectacular graphics platform, plus a dizzying arsenal of weapons, an unlimited variety of missions, and epic battles Horizon Zero Dawn will keep you in its own world for a long time. In addition, the game also has a challenging mode with gamers who love challenges.
Total War Saga: Troy (PC) – August 13
After the great success of Total War: Three Kingdoms, the duo Creative Assembly and Sega continue to give fans a brand new version, full of epic colors. Called Total War Saga: Troy, this version will bring players to the land of myths – Greece.

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The pandemic Covid19 has been causing a crisis to the whole community health all across the world, however, we can totally make contribution to prevent Covid-19 by restricting hanging out and stricting to social distancing measurements. This seems to not be a hard deal for game addicts as only one fantastic gameplay, some snacks, some drinks are needed for a perfect “home vacation”. Below are top games which can help you to let your hair down all day long.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The roleplaying game of Bethesda is such a great choice for this list, as it is available on every common platforms that we are utilizing. Playing roles on Dragonoborn, a soldier endowed with extraordinary talents to fight over evil domination with the viewing to saving the world. 

Even though Skyrim has not been published for such a long time. However, if you have never experienced any game like that, or used to play role playing game and are feeling nostalgic, then 100 hours of playing Skyrim will be a silver bullet for you throughout this period. At that moment, this game has been available on PC, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One or Switch .

Persona 5

The mysterious Japan roleplaying game serie which features epic pot is another great choice for social distancing period. The first version of Persona 5 requires gamers hundreds of hours to make it come to a halt. However, the upgraded version of Persona 5, which is Persona 5 Royal, being published on the 3th of March on Playstation 4 will also be another fantastic choice with many new features and options being offered.

The game is famous for successfully creating a complicated community and intensive battles and fights for gamers.