The Witcher once again set foot on the Mobile platform with an action VR game

Referring to The Witcher, gamers will immediately think of one of the extremely successful games on the PC platform, Console, so what about on Mobile?
Despite being very successful on other platforms, The Witcher on mobile still brings gamers a completely new concept differentiating from the original version. The difference in genres made it really difficult to bring the vast world of the PC version into mobile platforms. However, it is not necessarily impossible to create unique, different gameplay. This is also the reason that virtual reality (VR) games were born on mobile.
There’s no doubt that VR has a lot of potentials, especially when we consider it an enjoyable pastime. And this is why many top game companies have invested millions of dollars to develop it. The success of Pokemon Go has proven that VR games can also become a big hit on mobile platforms.
Recently, CD Projekt announced a completely new mobile game called The Witcher: Monster Slayer. This is a free VR Mobile game, in which for the first time, gamers can explore the real world to experience, research, and fight against monsters in The Witcher.
This game features real-time weather, time, and space conditions in which gamers live to identify different aspects of The Witcher, providing a more authentic and natural feel. The Witcher: Monster Slayer was developed by Spokko, part of CD Projekt, and is expected to release on Android and iOS soon.

However, the developer has also foretold that this game will not be easy to experience. Make sure you are fully prepared for the adventure to take down the tough monsters. Killing each of them will bring you to loot. The exact release date for The Witcher: Monster Slayer has yet to be revealed. But the game’s official website is officially on the air. Gamers can find this on different websites!