Demon’s Souls PS5 version received full praise

As one of the exclusive games responsible for “opening” the PS5 dynasty, Demon’s Souls Remake has received countless praise from both professionals and the gaming community.
First released in 2009, Demon’s Souls is one of the titles that have an important meaning to FromSoftware in particular and the gaming industry in general. From a development-oriented game company associated with the Japanese market, FromSoftware became famous globally thanks to Demon’s Souls, at the same time giving birth to a new trend and genre of gameplay: “Souls Game” – allusion A-RPG with high difficulty, with dozens of bosses that are extremely difficult.

After Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware released Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, … and received very high ratings from gamers. In the middle of this year, Bluepoint Games (Studio specializing in restoring old games) announced Demon’s Souls Remake project (remake of the classic version of 2009) exclusively for PS5, the game immediately became the focus of gaming community.
Unexpectedly, after its release on November 12, Demon’s Souls has received a lot of winged praise, the game currently has a very high average score on Metacritic of 92/100 (based on reviews from news sites, game newspapers).
According to Gamespot, the remake of Demon’s Souls not only retains the fascinating experience from the original screen, but also “brings the soul” to the PS5’s state-of-the-art technology. Meanwhile, TheGamer calls it one of the best opening games in Console history.