Below are top games which require gamers to have a great level of speed and impressively quick reactions.

Laser League

The game producer and developer team of Roll 7 proclaimed to experience a new online interesting game, namely Laser League. Taking part in the virtual life of the Laser League, gamers will almost end up dead just after a blink of an eye! This game truly features a high speed of playing and is suitable for those who prefer high gaming rhythm. Apart from speed, gamers need to finger out different factors of strategy as well as enemies’ speed. Gamers will be put into different 4-4 battlefields in Laser League and their mission is to kill all the enemies quickly under the threat of numerous lasers. 

Gamers need to be quick in the intake to lure enemies into a difficult situation to earn the final title.

Moreover, as a roleplaying game, Laser League’s gamers have the chance to unlock up to 250 different characters and create their own playing style. At the first stage, there are only 6 classes which are SMASH, THIEF, GHOST, SHOCK, SNIPE and BLADE, gamers have to collapse with their teammates to create the most satisfying effects during the play.

Need for Speed Online

Afterlong periods of being put on trials and experiences, the racing online game created by EA (but being produced by Tencent, China) has been on public, namely Need for Speed Online.

Through experiencing, gamers can still feel some remarkable features of traditional racing games being kept on Need for Speed Online. The game is highly appraised for having impressive design and smooth playing experience. Need for Speed Online also offers many racing options, allows gamers to enjoy the most interesting moments on the virtual race.