Maybe you might think that Steam is a normal gameplay in comparison to other different gameplays, however, the appearance of it has become a revolution to the gaming industry.

Steam is an online gaming distribution platform, which manages digital copyright, game online and other communicating social media services, developed by Valve Corporation. This is a success as well as the pride of Valve. Thanks to the wise investment of them, they succeeded to bring Steam to become the best gaming distribution tool nowadays.

1. Steam as the pioneer for other gaming plays

Steam is the first as well as the pioneer as the tool which provides gaming distribution service on the world. This is also considered as an Amazone website on the world. This is a very important advantage, as the one which takes first step always feels less competitive and has better development opportinuties.

However, whatever it takes, beside from this above advantage, Valve also took the risk when the market of gaming distribution on the first stage was really poor. At this present, when someone mentioned Steam, everyone had to google it and did research. Standing with such a challenge like that, Valve not only did not scare of difficulties but also try to provoke the development of their newbie product.

2. From Half Life 2 to Portal, DOTA 2 and Counter Strike

While Steam is on its early phase, Valve decided to publish Half Life 2 as an impetus to draw the attention of Steam users. Everything just came up as the expectation, thanks to its popularity, Half Life 2 has brought back Steam a large number of users. This is also the foundation for Valve to think about whether to maintain and upgrade Steam or not.